iBulky v2 Features

iBulky.com new version was released on the 22nd of September, 2012 with great new features. These features made the app seamlessly easy to use.

  • Now you can easily personalise the message you send to your contacts. Using our predefined tags, you can include contact name, phone number or DOB(date of birth) in your out-going messages.
  • Advertisers(Business Account) can now set SMS campaign to promote their products & services. Campaign ADs is conjugated with dispatched FREE SMS. This feature is only available to “Business” accounts.
  • Earn lots of SMS credit by referring other users to iBulky.com. You can earn from the very 1st purchase up to the 3rd purchase of your referral.
  • Transfer SMS credit to any user using his/her email address, username or registered mobile number. No maximum limit to quantity of SMS credit that can be transferred.
  • Now, you can send FREE SMS to friends, family, co-workers, partners and classmates. Send up to 230 characters message for FREE! This feature is only available to “Personal” accounts.
  • With our HLR(Network Query) service, you can clean up your database and remove invalid/inactive mobile numbers. HLR allows you to check the validity of a mobile number and provides extended mobile number details. The main benefit of using HLR lookup service is to improve the accuracy of messaging activities in order to avoid issues caused by mobile number portability (MNP).
  • Create, Edit and Save contacts; Create and Manage contact groups. Send message to the groups with few clicks.
  • Schedule SMS delivery at predetermined date and time. Use our scheduler to send yourself sms reminders for appointments or important dates. You can’t get on your computer when that SMS campaign needs to be sent; no problems just schedule the message.
  • History of all outgoing sms to keep track of your marketing campaigns. Log access via web, mobile app/web, desktop app and API. Orders and transaction report.
  • You can use a 11 character alphanumeric sender ID or a 18 character numeric sender ID. Use your company or business name as the sender if you do not need replies. Import of your existing database of mobile numbers for sending immediately or to upload contacts to your address book.
  • Export your address book contacts in various formats.
  • Using Long SMS you can send a messages more than 3,000 characters in length.

…and many more.

To enjoy these features, log on to your account and resume your traffic. If you are new to iBulky.com, create a new account that best suit your interest and start sending messages to your love ones, friends and family.

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