New SMS Prices, New SMS Rates and New HLR Rates

There will be a new price list and rate list starting from Mon 3rd of June, 2013. Current “Quantity & Price” 1,000 – 2,999 = N2.00 3,000 – 9,999 = N1.80 10,000 – 19,999 = N1.60 20,000 – 99,999 = N1.40 100,000 & above = N1.10 Our new prices will be as described below: New “Quantity & Price” 1,000 – … Continue Reading →

Importing/Exporting your contacts on v2

Importing & Exporting your contact on iBulky v2 app is quite the same as version 1 but with a different interface. In this article, I will be showing you how to import your contacts from 3 major formats and how to export into 4 different formats. To start, please log into your account, visit the “Contact -> Import & Export” … Continue Reading →

How to Personalise Message on v2

Personalise Message helps you to easily send a single customised message to multiple contacts in your address book. Basically, the key feature of SMS marketing is BROADCAST; sending a single message to multiple recipients at a go. Well, for your information, the lovely days of mass messaging are dying and it’s becoming an act of spamming. Mobile users now hardly … Continue Reading →

Creating contacts heap

Contacts Heap was designed to help you manage huge list of contacts that has no information like first name, last name & date of birth. You can use this to store your anonymous contacts, that is, the contact you don’t want their names/info stored on the server. By using this feature, you can save your huge contact list, anonymously on … Continue Reading →

Importing/Exporting your contacts

This article on  importing and exporting your contacts on is deprecated. Please read the latest entry on Importing/Exporting your contacts on v2 instead. IMPORT platform allows the importing of contacts into your address book in 3 different formats: .txt, .xml and .csv To import contacts into your address book, from any of these formats, you need to … Continue Reading →

iBulky Features

– Bulk SMS delivery service to individuals and corporate organization – Easy contact management tool with multi grouping capability – Import and export of contact in different formats: .csv, .xml, .html and .txt – Schedule SMS to be delivered right on time – Custom sender identity – Supported message formats: Text, Flash and Unicode – Multi streaming – Unlimited SMS … Continue Reading →