Importing/Exporting your contacts on v2

Importing & Exporting your contact on iBulky v2 app is quite the same as version 1 but with a different interface. In this article, I will be showing you how to import your contacts from 3 major formats and how to export into 4 different formats. To start, please log into your account, visit the “Contact -> Import & Export” … Continue Reading →

How to Personalise Message on v2

Personalise Message helps you to easily send a single customised message to multiple contacts in your address book. Basically, the key feature of SMS marketing is BROADCAST; sending a single message to multiple recipients at a go. Well, for your information, the lovely days of mass messaging are dying and it’s becoming an act of spamming. Mobile users now hardly … Continue Reading →

iBulky v2 Features new version was released on the 22nd of September, 2012 with great new features. These features made the app seamlessly easy to use. Now you can easily personalise the message you send to your contacts. Using our predefined tags, you can include contact name, phone number or DOB(date of birth) in your out-going messages. Advertisers(Business Account) can now set … Continue Reading →

Message Calculator/Analyzer

Based on popular demand, we are introducing ‘message calculator/analyzer’. This will help you know: your actual message length total contact you are sending to total message cost and your actual message content before you send out your message. Please always make use of this tool to avoid unnecessary complains.

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Creating contacts heap

Contacts Heap was designed to help you manage huge list of contacts that has no information like first name, last name & date of birth. You can use this to store your anonymous contacts, that is, the contact you don’t want their names/info stored on the server. By using this feature, you can save your huge contact list, anonymously on … Continue Reading →

Importing/Exporting your contacts

This article on  importing and exporting your contacts on is deprecated. Please read the latest entry on Importing/Exporting your contacts on v2 instead. IMPORT platform allows the importing of contacts into your address book in 3 different formats: .txt, .xml and .csv To import contacts into your address book, from any of these formats, you need to … Continue Reading →

iBulky Features

– Bulk SMS delivery service to individuals and corporate organization – Easy contact management tool with multi grouping capability – Import and export of contact in different formats: .csv, .xml, .html and .txt – Schedule SMS to be delivered right on time – Custom sender identity – Supported message formats: Text, Flash and Unicode – Multi streaming – Unlimited SMS … Continue Reading →